"I think that in order to struggle you have to be creative. In my life, creativity has been something that has sustained me; it awoke my spiritual struggle." - Assata Shakur : : : "On Struggling" is a collective zine project by people of color with the intent of sharing personal narratives of struggle with culture, identity, white supremacy, mental health in our communities, modes of self-care and more.

"POC Zine-Making and Self-Preservation" Workshop
with MOONROOT and Brown & Proud Press 
I <3 Print Media and Transformative Arts Tracks  
Allied Media Conference, Detroit, June 21, 2014. 

A week delay but it’s done! Here are some photos from the workshop and a link to the collectively made zine that everyone snapped on!! Hope everyone learned a few things about putting together a zine and the importance of having our own intentional spaces/documenting our stories as QTPOC. We are honored to have had that opportunity to share space with ya’ll and to hear your words of struggles, strength and healing. 


  • 1 July 2014
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