"I think that in order to struggle you have to be creative. In my life, creativity has been something that has sustained me; it awoke my spiritual struggle." - Assata Shakur : : : "On Struggling" is a collective zine project by people of color with the intent of sharing personal narratives of struggle with culture, identity, white supremacy, mental health in our communities, modes of self-care and more.

On Struggling: Bodies zine release event at Quimby’s Bookstore on Friday, September 6th! 

This night was beyond special and we are so grateful to have such a supportive network of friends/chosen family. We had a head count of close to 100 people, sold over 70 zines and were able to donate $400 to Project NIA, an amazing local organization based in Chicago’s Rogers Park that works to end juvenile incarceration by developing community-based alternatives. 

We had the opportunity to hear readings from Jonas (Cheer the Eff Up, My Mirage/I, Mirage, Zine Crush, Rad Dad), Mercedez (fatgrrrl), and Stephanie Camba (contributor to On Struggling: Self-Care). All were incredibly powerful and raw and energizing! We also did some readings from all three of our On Struggling zines, and concluded the night with some delicious homemade burritos and other yummy donated foods. 

Thanks Mayadet (Fuck Yeah, Fat Dykes) and Xavi (La Respuesta) for holdin’ down the food table, thanks to Vivi & Token for cooking the delicious food, thanks to Sarah-Ji for being the People’s Camera and documenting our event, thanks to T Cal for recording some readings that we might be able to post soon, and thanks to everyone who showed up, donated, bought a zine, and showed some love!

If you’re in the Chicago-area, you can pick up a copy of the new zine at Quimby’s bookstore. Or, you can order it online at their website! 

Thanks again for everyone’s support and we look forward to hosting another zine reading event really soon! 

  • 11 September 2013
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